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General Chat / Hi From a Newbie
« on: October 13, 2016, 07:50:48 PM »
Hey everyone.
I signed up about a year ago after my awesome wife bought me a TC Wagon to work on. Between moving and selling houses haven't had much time to touch it or look around here. Now we are settled in our house and I have it back with us I am hoping to get into it some more.

It's currently a 2l pinto 3spd auto that needs a rebuild -it had been living in a wool shed for 20 odd years prior to us picking it up. Im hoping I can get some good info and maybe some parts down the track here. :) It's my first poject so I'm both nervous and excited.

Ill try to add some pics below

One of the first days I had it.

It arriving at our new house, I tried to reduce the effect of the rust by trying to "convert" then paint the rust. Didnt quite help...


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