Ford Cortina - Small sack, massive balls.

  • February 29, 2020, 12:11:02 PM
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I have owned a 1974 Ford Cortina since I was 17.
After re-conditioning the engine, re-doing the gear box and brakes and basically getting everything mechanically sound, someone ran into the side and back of the vehicle, writing it off, as the chassis is twisted.

I desperately want to buy another one.

Preferably I would like one of the same model; 1974, manual, 4 cyl.

However, I am not impartial to buying a Cortina with different specifications as long as it is still as TD.

I am only a student, and as such, don't have an endless supply of cash unfortunately, however the Ford Cortina has become a passion of mine and would love to buy another.

If you think you have a Cortina that fits my criteria, please contact me.

Thanks in advance.

Sarah.  :):

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